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S3D Tutorial | Cinema 4D + After Effects: Stereoscopic lensflares and stuff


this tutorial is about how to recreate the off-axis setup of my SV Stereo Rig PRO within After Effects.
So you can align lens flares and other compositing elements correctly to your footage IN STEREO! :D

Many thanks to Thanassis Pozantzis, who developed this method and shared it with me!


SV Stereo Rig on Project Chapman 3D

Checkout this "3D in 3 minutes" tutorial I made for Project Chapman 3D (by Made Visual Studio).
The tutorial describes the basic functions of my free stereo rig for Cinema 4D.

Project Chapman 3D is about the 90-minute, stereoscopic 3D feature film on the life
of Graham Chapman from Monty Python (Working title: “A Liar’s Autobiography, 3D”).
It's also building up a great knowledge base about stereoscopy. So there's more to come!


Making of 5 second project - pesky primitive party

I've created a short making of for my 5 second project on greyscalegorilla.
Watch "GSG 5 second project - pesky primitve party"

Download the Cinema 4D R12 scene files!

00:00 - Showing how I built the Morphs
04:08 - How to morph between two seperate objects
08:30 - How to keep the wireframe looking good - Part 1
09:45 - How to render the wireframe with sketch and toon
11:20 - How to keep the wireframe looking good - Part 2

Thanks for watching!
Feel free to ask questions and post comments! :) 


stereoscopic session 02 - camera setup


  • parallel vs. toed-in camera setups
  • easy depth space calculation (near & far plane)
  • advanced depth space calculation using pixel parallax

Download the PDF (save target as...)

related Links:

Louis Marcoux: - scroll down for some tutorials about stereoscopy

David Shelton - free stereoscopic Rig for 3D Studio Max

more tutorials + Cinema 4D Stereo Rig



Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag

"stereoscopic session 02 - camera setup" by Stefan D. Voigt is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Germany License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available here


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