Stefan D. Voigt

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Stefan D. Voigt

Art Direction & 3D Animation

Located at Munich, Germany - freelance worldwide


Skill set:

  • 3D Generalist: Cinema 4D and Xpresso, V-Ray, Octane Render, TurbulenceFD, Silo Pro
  • Stereoscopy: Consulting & Creation
  • Compositing: After Effects & Fusion
  • Good knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator & InDesign

Willing to learn: Nuke & Houdini

Contact me!


Fuchs & Vogel media solutions

Fuchs und Vogel website

Two friends of mine just opened up an animation studio of their own! I'm wishing them a great start
and loads of cool projects! Check out their work at


Expert TVCs

These are some selected spots of the many TVCs the team at AixSponza created for Expert.
We were working cross departments in a big team, so here is what I did in detail:
01 Nikon Camera: modeling of the lens; shading of camera and lens
02 Wiko Smartphone: animation & lighting; additional shading
03 Philips electric razor: shading & lighting
04 Asus Notebook: asset shading
05 Xbox One: shading of Xbox Controller & Headset; lighting of the products
06 Logo Ending: animation (+ variations); modeling & shading of the claim; additional modeling & shading

Here you can see some additional stills of my shading work with V-Ray. Click to enlarge the pictures!






created in 2014 at AixSponza
software used: Cinema 4D, Vray, Photoshop & After Effects


Kia Soul - my shots

At saasfee* we've created seven web movies for the new Kia Soul, where we playfully show off the cool features of this car. I defined the main car paint material (color red), which was the base for the other colors. I also did the whole post production for all seven movies. What you can see here is a compilation of shots where you can also observe my 3D work. Read on for further details:

00:00 - compositing & additional passes
00:06 - Hotelroom: Lighting, additional shading & texturing, rendering, compositing
00:11 - compositing & additional passes
00:18 - Chez L'Hamster: Lighting, additional shading & texturing, rendering, compositing
00:21 - compositing & additional passes
00:47 - Parking garage: Lighting, additional shading & texturing, rendering, compositing

created in 2014 at saasfee*
software used: After Effects, Cinema 4D, V-Ray


Retsch Emax - Analytica 2014

Refreshing our cooperation of 2012 Retsch challenged me to create a new presentation movie for the now fully developed Emax! Within one and a half months I had to create 3,5 minutes of film. All by my self. We had to trade-off on some parts to get a workable solution, but therefore the film was ready just in time for the Analytica mass of 2014!

The main concept is to present this new piece of technology in a modern and visionary environment, like the resulting Retsch Lab. Retsch wanted the customer to understand how their product works and how the grinding speed of 2000 rpm is even possible without overheating the device. Together with some scientific charts for objective comparisons you get a round demonstration movie that reveals the math behind the magic.

created in: 2014
software used: Cinema 4D, V-Ray, X-particles, After Effects

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